August Goals


I always love the beginning of a new month.

A fresh start, a new beginning, another chance to go after your goals.

Last week I talked about my July Favorites, but I typically never blog my monthly goals ahead of time.

In my bullet journal, I create monthly goals as one of my spreads to give me some realistic (and lofty) goal ideas. Are we even surprised at this point? Type A strikes again.

Here are a few of my August Goals:

Read 5 Books

I’ve set and achieved this goal all summer and I’m FOUR books away from my yearly goal so hopefully I can accomplish that this month! (Follow along here.)

Blog 4-5x

You find a new post here every Friday, so physically reminding myself to stay faithful is key.

Workout 3-4x/Week

There’s no reason for me not to head to the gym! We have a membership, it’s 5 minutes away from our house, and I’m finally starting to have a gym routine. Sometimes the idea of heading home after work to relax sounds wayyy more enticing than sweating for an hour, but it’s important for me to stay consistent.

Organize Key Spaces in the House

There are a few areas around our house that “need” to be organized. I put need in quotations because they’re technically fine right now, but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube organization videos and am inspired to organize the spaces more thoroughly! A few key spaces include my desk, my makeup drawer, and (parts of) the basement.

Invest in Friendships

Adulting is hard when it comes to friendships. In college, it was easier to keep up since we either had classes together, had the same schedule, or happened to have the same free hours over the weekend. In this chapter of life, I struggle to keep up with friends on a consistent basis and there are a few friends in particular who I haven’t seen in months! Yes, we text and send each other memes on Instagram but that doesn’t count!

Daily Habits

I have a Habit Tracker in my bullet journal that lists 8 habits I want to do consistently. Every day, I check off which ones I accomplished so I can see how I improve or what I need to adjust. They are: listen to a podcast, read my devotions, remove my makeup, read, workout, eat healthy, drink at least 64 oz. of water, and wake up early.