A Few Fall Favorites 🍁


It’s fall, y’all!

If you know me, you know October is my absolute favorite month of the year. There’s something especially magical about October. It’s full-on fall vibes everywhere. The leaves are changing, it gets darker earlier, the air is chilly, and I crave all the fall comfort foods.

Plus, not to mention, it’s our anniversary month (almost 1 year already, whaaa?!) which adds the cherry on top to an amazing month.

September was a bit rough for me mentally. I struggled a lot with anxiety. Although this month has still been pretty tough mentally, I feel like I’ve been pushing through and getting better over all.

If you’re a fall junkie like me, you live for all the fall must-haves. I’ve seen a few blog posts or YouTube videos detailing some people’s fall essentials, and it inspired me to make my own list. Here are a few of my fall favorites!


One of the things I look forward to every fall and spring is changing up my balayage. In the spring, I tend to go lighter but in the fall, I like to return to my roots (no pun intended) and go darker with browns and reds. This month, I decided to go a bit bolder and added a lot of red to my hair. I’m actually in LOVE with it and think it’s a great color for fall and winter.

Burgundy boots

I’m obsessed with my burgundy boots. I love wearing booties in the fall, especially with jeans and a nice shirt and scarf. It’s a classic Keri combo. My burgundy boots go with everything and I like to try to mix them into my wardrobe as much as possible. I like to add them to an all black outfit for a pop of color, or wear them as a “neutral” when I wear other colors from the same color palette. I’m not too adventurous with my wardrobe but a fall staple like burgundy booties that go with everything? Count me in.

Leopard scarf

Another classic is my leopard print scarf. I purchased it from Express years ago and I’ve rocked it ever since. I pair it with a mustard shirt and jeans for a casual look, or wear it with a purple dress and tights to make it a bit dressier. There are tons of ways to wear it that sometimes I think of it as a neutral when creating outfit inspiration.

Nail polish

I love switching up my nail polish whenever I get the chance. I go from neutral to dark brown to burgundy throughout the season and depending on my mood. Fall gives me the flexibility to have fun with my nail color and I take full advantage to test out darker shades that don’t work for spring and summer months.

Fall porch decor

I’m a sucker for a cute porch setup. This month we got a bunch of pumpkins and mums and created cute little set ups on our porch and side stoop. I’m in love!


I’ve found myself binge-watching Friends recently. It’s an all-year favorite of mine, but there’s something about watching it in the fall under a blanket that is especially cozy and satisfying.


Would it be a fall favorites post if I didn’t talk about candles? There are tons of great-smelling fall candles out there that I don’t have to try to convince you to purchase at least one. However, take my word for it, lighting a fall candle and having your home smell like pumpkins and apples? Nothing better.

Comfort Foods

As the weather gets colder, I crave more and more comfort foods. Mac and cheese and all the soups tend to by my go-tos. Lately I’ve been craving homemade chicken noodle soup, but another quick and easy option is minestrone soup, especially in the Instant Pot. Delish!


You thought I forgot about coffee, didn’t you? ;) Never! In the spring and summer, I drink mostly iced coffee if I can help it. In the fall and winter, though, I’m a hot coffee girl. On a daily basis, I’ll drink hazelnut, pumpkin spice, or salted caramel coffee from my Keurig. On special occasions, though, I’ll treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (duh), a salted caramel latte, or a caramel macchiato. You really can’t go wrong with coffee, though, so as long as I have some, I’m good!